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St. James Council 4949 Bike Bike Run for the BC Heart and Stroke Foundation

St. James Council 4949 wheelchair project raised funds in the amount of $7,185.00,to be able to purchase 47 wheelchairs.
Grand Knight Guenter A. Rieger said:
"We started and completed our Wheelchair project, just once month before the end of the fraternal year 2011-2012. Thanks to Council 4949, parishioners of St. James and friends of the Knights of Columbus for your support."      






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Rt Hon Guente rAlfred Rieger KOFC4949 Past Graand Knights
Welcome to the private website of
Hon. Guenter Alfred Rieger, B.Sc. Amb. PGK, FN,
This is Not the official website of St. James Council 4949
An attributing of the honourable work of the Knights of Columbus, during my terms as Grand Knight St. James Council 4949, and as Past Faithful Navigator pf the John Miles Assembly 2064 Vernon, British Columbia, and other organization I'm involved in. 

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Welcome to my private website and memories
serving St. James Council 4949 as Grand Knights from 2010 to 2012. In addition I have sevred the Msgr. John Miles Assembky 2064 as Faithful Navigator from 2014-2016.

I'm very honored being elected, appointed or invited, as an active part to many different international organizations. Those organizations have world wide recognition, but not associated.  
As a Humanitarian and Philanthropist it's my goal to help those organizations as much I can.
Some of them are Catholic organizations, like the Knights of Columbus, the Confraternity of the Knights of St. Peter and St. Paul. 
Others are non-religious and non-political organizations, Rotary International, A.N.G.E.L.Foundation and |Inter Governmental Organization IGO, the Knights of H.O.P.E., the G.R.U.N. Foundation,   and more which are not posted on this website.  
Thanks for visiting my pages. 

With prayerful wishes 
Hon. Guenter Alfred Rieger, B.Sc., PGK, PFN, Amb.     


 My YouTube videos about St. James Council 4949 from 2010-2012


On January of 2020, I was suspended, without any warning, for 18 months by State Deputy Dale Hofer,

since I have questioned the implementation and change of the Regalia to the new uniform.

I was NOT wearing the retired Regalia after Supreme has changed the Regalia to a Military look a-like Uniform.
Very sad, since I would celebrated just 2 months later my 25 anniversary as a 4th Degree Member of the Knights of Columbus.

Video by Sir Knight Allan Smith is self explanatory 

"Fourth degree Knights from throughout California participated in a Mass June 29 at St. Mary's Cathedral to mark the order's transition from its longtime traditional regalia, left, of cape and feather-plumed chapeau to a modern uniform of suit, tie and beret, right.
"We wanted to celebrate for the last time the rich history of the traditional regalia," John Dooley of San Pedro Calungsod Assembly told Catholic San Francisco. Our Lady of Guadalupe Assembly and San Pedro Calungsgod Assembly sponsored the "Blessing of the Swords" Mass celebrated by Father Arturo Albano, a Fourth Degree Knight.
The Knights' board of directors adopted last summer a new uniform for the fourth degree consisting of a suit, tie and beret. July 1 was the official change-over date. The organization said their research showed the traditional regalia presented a barrier to membership, especially among younger men."

Today thousands of longtime Knights of Columbus members are suspended, some of them active member for over 40 years, since they have either still wearing the Regalia and not the new uniform, which looks like a Canadian Legion uniform.

I had questioned also the procedure and implementation of the new uniform and get suspended for 18 months, in 2020, by at that time State Deputy of BC and Yukon, Dale Hofer, without any warning etc. Yes, I am still very concerned in which direction the Knights of Columbus is turning.

I still believe that every members of the Knights of Columbus should be entitled to ask questions, regarding the change from the regalia to the new military look-alike uniform.


Pope Francis  Pope Francis"Hypocrisy is the very language of corruption. And when Jesus speaks to his disciples, he says: 'let your language be: Yes, yes! No, no.'Hypocrisy is not a language of truth, because the truth is never given alone. Never! It is always given with love! There is no truth without love. ..





Mgr Peter Fleetwood

But there is more to this idea that churches are full of hypocrites. It is the accusation that people who go regularly to church claim to believe in the Gospel, but live by completely different standards. It means that those people are one thing on a Sunday , and quite the opposite for the rest of the week. ....


2014 Rt hon. Guenter A. Rieger Faithful Navigaror
     Knights of Columbus The Knights of Columbus is the world's largest Catholic fraternal service organization. Founded by Father Michael J. McGivney in New Haven, Connecticut, in 1882, it was named in honor of the mariner Christopher Columbus. Wikipedia